Guide for Buddies

Delivering Prescriptions or Shopping

- If you have any of the symptoms of coronavirus you should not proceed. Please contact one of the Admins, who will appoint another Buddy to stand in until you are well again.

- First, contact your 'Client' by telephone. Establish as much as you can about their circumstances, and what you can do to help them.

- Do please confirm to one of us Admins once you have established contact. But after that we don't need to know about the nitty gritty, we simply won't have time. Do, however, let an Admin know if the Emergency Services get involved.

- Do keep your own record of the relationship, so that if you become unable to continue it is easy for you to pass all relevant info on to the next Buddy.

- You must under no circumstances enter anybody's property. You must stay outside and keep at least 2m away from them [Volunteers entering people’s homes must by law be DBS checked and may be required to be wearing full Personal Protective Equipment. This is not an appropriate job for a Buddy].

- If ringing a doorbell or a knocker, use a clean tissue or handkerchief or sleeve rather than your fingers.

- Avoid cash if you possibly can, it's a terrific way to pass on the virus. The people you are looking after need to order from the store and pay by telephone, before you collect and deliver any shopping. The telephone number of the Upavon store is 01980 630268. Opening hours are now 8am – 6pm every day.

- Let us know if for any reason you become unable to continue, so we can appoint another Buddy.

Staying in Touch

- Please keep in regular contact with your Client. If you think that they would appreciate a regular call for a chat, we have plenty of Buddies who are themselves self-isolating but who are ready to chat to people on the telephone if they are anxious or lonely. So, don't feel that you have to do this yourself, ask an Admin to find someone else to do it if you think someone else might be better at it!

Walking Someone Else’s Dog

This is edited from advice given on the RSPCA’s website

- The virus can be passed from person to person via a surface such as a dog’s fur, collar or lead.

- Find a way to collect and return the dog in a way which maintains a 2m distance between you and the Client, who should open and close any doors.

- Use a different lead to the owner’s. Keep the dog on the lead to avoid them coming into contact with other people or other pets. Wash the lead with soap and water afterwards.

- Don’t handle anything else (e.g. your phone).

- Never walk dogs from different households at the same time. Sadly that means you will have to walk your own dogs separately.

- Minimise touching the dog. It is advised that you wear gloves throughout, and either wash them or dispose of them after use.

- Wash your hands for 20 seconds using soap and water both before you leave your house and as soon as you get home.